Marilyn was sleeping when the doorbell rang.

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It's really hot in here.


You're not really that naive, are you?

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I wish to climb Mt. Fuji again.

I remember reading the book three times when I was young.

I know what Thierry is going to do.


Edgar isn't enjoying himself.

Happy birthday, Aiba!

Ask him instead.

I'll tell Sjouke that's not true.

Vick hasn't gone swimming in a long time.


Skeeter needed to go back to Boston.

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Earth laughs in flowers.


This isn't serious.

Why is Reid acting so crazy?

I want it to be a surprise.

Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.

We are faced with a strange situation that does not fit democracy.

Why do you need me to find her?

I had never felt more alone than at that time.

At daybreak it was still raining.

I'm counting on you to help me out.

He said they would never be able to work together.

Are you a smoker?

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Don't you even think of eating my chocolate!


He got up and went away.

Peggy doesn't have to change.

The book is in the room.


The first time I tried out my new bike I overbalanced and fell off.

Everyone was doing it.

Tell her what's on your mind.


Somebody wrote my name on the wall.

I'm sorry I didn't call last night.

I would like to know her name.

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This is a very romantic destination for couples.

He wanted to become a pilot ever since he was a child, and he did.

Make sure the door is locked.


I'll tell them you came by.

This bridge is made of iron.

Adlai makes Frederick very happy.


Not a few houses were destroyed in the typhoon.

People driving through southern Germany will see farmhouses with solar panels everywhere they look.

Is it possible to drink salt water?


My prayers have been answered.

What happened to Kari's parents?

You can't defeat Toby without my help.

Marcel never seems to feel the cold the way I do.

"He has to be taken to the hospital? But what is it?" "It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now."

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The papers found lots of monkey business when they investigated the Recruit scandal.

French people frequently make grammatical mistakes, too.

He is richer than anyone else in this town.


I love American food.


I wanted you to know how I feel.

That store is too far.

I'm sorry, but I'm going home.

Tell us what you're thinking.

Somebody's got to tell Ernest what to do.

Leith wouldn't be happy living with Mariou.

He is intelligent, knows many people and is resourceful.

We're going to be here all night.

Let's make that much very fucking clear!

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He is impossible to beat.

One gesture may have multiple meanings, while a single meaning can be expressed by a number of gestures.

She kept on crying.

You gave me one of these before.

We cannot rule out the possibility of an accident.


I'm not forcing them to pay extra.

Check with them.

The nursery toilet door was shut.

Vassos called in sick.

I'm being sarcastic.

I'll leave this with you.

It's just been awful.

I have a load of work to do before I can go home.

I'm leaving soon.


I want to know when I need to be there.

Ami lives with his parents in a small house on Park Street.

My wristwatch is running a bit too fast.


I never listen to them anyway.

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When she was thirteen, she ran away from home.

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I must get the breakfast ready.


You probably eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables all the time without knowing it.

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I had a jack, a king and three queens in my hand.

The old couple gave him up for lost.

I raise cattle.

Just tell Samir what you want him to do.

Kenton learned French while living in Quebec.


We'll get on it immediately.

Sanity couldn't find a babysitter.

Shane got quite a few positive responses.

If only I had asked for your advice.

You still don't think I can do it, do you?


Bear these rules in mind.

Novorolsky's shift starts at midnight.

What exactly will it cost?

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Everyone I know has one.

We must tell everybody what happened.

Everyone wanted a piece of the cake.

Tor never forgave Keith.

I bought these for Ray.

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It's against my religion.

I need to know as soon as possible.

What have you got your knickers in a knot about this time?

Today young people find themselves, through no fault of their own, living in a world torn by international bitterness and the threat of nuclear destruction.

It finally stopped raining towards evening.

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There could be many uses for such a diminutive flying vehicle.


Snow is white, soot is black.

Did you see the accident?

They may have missed the train.

Can she ride a bicycle?

Sir bought this camera for a reasonable price.

I did nothing wrong.

They give each other presents.

Nobody'll ever find us here.

Matti doesn't seem to care.

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We're missing something here.

What is the emergency telephone number?

Who isn't writing the text?


Nobody has ever done that.

"Love your neighbour as yourself" is a quotation from the Bible.

I didn't know Mara was in Boston the same time we were.

It has to be subtitled.

Replace it.

Lucius is quite selfish.

We won't know until we try.

This is a good question.

"Martin is a bad person." "In what way?"


Today's your special day.

Let's not be too hasty.

After reading Tolerant's forum post, Sanity resisted the impulse to post a crude reply.

My neighbor called the police.

He wavered between going home and remaining at work in the office.


She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.

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How do you kids do it?

The factory will cease operations next month.

Children need to play.

Stu didn't know quite what to say.

The vehicles are noisy here.

This knife has a fine edge and cuts well.

Carolyn told us he wasn't allowed to help.

Dennis insisted on doing that.

Open your eyes, people!

It was a fair game.

Bjorne counts on Van to help him.

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How did she get into that class?

Sal buys a newspaper on his way to work.

Jean was alone most of the time.

Ten to one he will get married to her.

Jef killed Bradford because he found out she had started the fire that had killed his family.

I was dreaming about Emma.

I wish I had studied harder for the test.


I am still a stranger here.

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I gave them the afternoon off.

No one should be able to trace the events there back to us.

He has a huge handlebar mustache.

The elephant is liked by little children.

Common sense should prevail.

On the radio, they said that it was going to be cold.

I've learned so much from you.